Crankbait Storage System


The Crank Canvas 'Classic Pro'

“Classic Pro” Crank Canvas Bait Organizer

  • Added grommets and drainage holes
  • Holds 54 lures

“Big Hitter” Crank Canvas Bait Organizer

  • Holds 24 lures
  • Rolls to 6″ diameter by 18″ long

“Starting Line Up” Crank Canvas Bait Organizer

  • Holds 21 lures
  • Rolls to 3.5″ diameter by 13″ long
  • “Starting Lineup” Crank Canvas Bait Organizer

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  • “Big Hitter” Crank Canvas Bait Organizer

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  • “Slugger” Crank Canvas Bait Organizer

    $67.99 Add to cart
  • “Classic Pro” Crank Canvas Bait Organizer

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  • “Ice Bag” Ice Fishing Tackle Organizer

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  • “Triple Play” Crank Canvas Tackle Organizer

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the perfect tackle storage solution

Crank Canvas crankbait and tackle organizer is the ultimate lure storage solution for you or the angler in your life. With six current options housing from 12 to 54 individual pockets, the Crank Canvas rolls up into an easy to store and carry package that is perfect for the boat or shore. The crank canvas is great for all types of fishing tackle big and small. The Crank Canvas is a revolutionary solution for storing your tackle! Anyone who knows what a crank bait is, understands the need for this tackle organizer.

The Crank Canvas will be the last crank bait organizer you will ever buy for storing your crank baits, plugs, lures and hard baits. Fishermen know how annoying keeping tackle organized can be. Our simple, unique Crank Canvas design makes the best use of storage space by keeping the lures separated in clear individual pockets.

The Crank Canvas give you a perfect view of lures. The individual pockets keep lures untangled and it rolls up into a compact unit for easy storage. Crank Canvas is made using durable materials with UV inhibitors.


We here at Crank Canvas strive to ensure that we are providing our customers with a top quality product that will last for generations. If you have experienced any sort of manufacturer defect, be sure to contact us so we can make it right! Feel free to contact us by e-mail at crankcanvas@midco.net or call Ken at (701)-400-7462 providing a description of the issue you are experiencing as well as your contact information and address, and we will not hesitate to get a replacement Crank Canvas sent out immediately!

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