History of Our Product

First prototype in use since 1994

The Crank Canvas story began in the early 1990’s, when we discovered a new method of catching fish by long lining shallow running crank baits which resemble the smelt that are abundant in the Missouri River System. There was no ideal method to store these lures. As a solution, our storage system was conceived and has evolved into the Crank Canvas.

The complete assembly utilizes the highest quality UV stabilized materials needed specifically for the potentially harsh and ever changing fishing environment. We use Cordura 1000 canvas and 14 gauge double polished clear vinyl.

It is 22″ x 28″ and rolls to approx. 5″ dia. 54 individual pockets provide complete separation from your other crank baits making your favorites readily visual and tangle free for immediate use.

Conventional plastic storage boxes will typically last only a couple of years until the materials start breaking down with hinges and latches breaking. The original Crank Canvas prototype is still in use after more than 25 years. One could not ask for a better longevity field test than this.

Our product takes up approximately 35% less space for the same quantity of lures in plastic boxes. When rolled up, it is secured with hook and loop fastening material leaving no concern for your lures to tangle up or spill out. The compact size and commercial quality of the Crank Canvas provides unrivaled storage until your next outing.

Safety is the primary concern when children and pets are involved in your fishing adventure. When the Crank Canvas is fully unrolled, it provides a first line of protection from extremely sharp hooks.

The “Classic” style Crank Canvas is rapidly being accepted as the must have storage system for all fishermen and women. The enthusiasm and input from them has been applied to two new designs. The “Starting Line Up” is 13″ x 19″, rolls to approx. 4” dia. and holds 21 lures. The “Big Hitter” is 17″ x 28”, rolls to approx. 6″ dia. and holds 24 large, deep diving lures.


We here at Crank Canvas strive to ensure that we are providing our customers with a top quality product that will last for generations. If you have experienced any sort of manufacturer defect, be sure to contact us so we can make it right! Feel free to contact us by e-mail at crankcanvas@midco.net or call Ken at (701)-400-7462 providing a description of the issue you are experiencing as well as your contact information and address, and we will not hesitate to get a replacement Crank Canvas sent out immediately!

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