“Slugger” Crank Canvas Bait Organizer



» holds up to 12 large lures
» ideal for salt water and muskie tackle
» unrolled dimensions 27” wide x 23” long

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The Crank Canvas ‘Slugger’ is made for the people who don’t just catch fish, but the people who HUNT fish!  From freshwater Muskie fisherman, to the fishermen who battle the deep salty waters, this Crank Canvas will handle lures up to 12″ long!

The Crank Canvas will be the last crank bait organizer you will ever buy!  No matter what you call em’ crank baits, plugs, lures, hard baits, we all know the pains of keeping them organized. The unique yet simple design of the Crank Canvas, makes the best use of storage space by keeping the lures separated in clear individual  pockets.

  • Perfect overall view of lures
  • Keeps lures untangled
  • 12 individual pockets
  • Compact for easy storage
  • Durable materials


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