Who is Crank Canvas?

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Crank Canvas is a product of Ktytor Family Ventures, Inc.  We are based in our hometown of Bismarck, North Dakota. Recreational fishing is among one of our favorite past times, and we have multiple generations of fishing experience here in the mid-west.

As a family company we hold many strengths that helps diversify our abilities.   We are a very close-knit family that likes to work hard and play harder. The Crank Canvas was developed many years ago, and we have decided to share it with the world.

As we have both active and inactive members of the US military, we set high standards for ourselves and our company.  We hold ourselves accountable to the same core values that are instilled into every soldier.

We are very excited to branch out on our own and start bringing some of our amazing ideas to the public. We hope that everyone welcomes the Crank Canvas as the best solution available for storing their crank baits.

Ktytor Family Ventures, Inc.

3136 Nevada Street
Bismarck, ND 58503

Tyler Ktytor – CEO / Owner

Kenneth Ktytor – President / Owner

Corrine Ktytor – Treasurer

Brandon Ktytor – Project Coordinator

Travis Ktytor – Business Advisor

Chelsea Ktytor – Secretary

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We here at Crank Canvas strive to ensure that we are providing our customers with a top quality product that will last for generations. If you have experienced any sort of manufacturer defect, be sure to contact us so we can make it right! Feel free to contact us by e-mail at crankcanvas@midco.net or call Ken at (701)-400-7462 providing a description of the issue you are experiencing as well as your contact information and address, and we will not hesitate to get a replacement Crank Canvas sent out immediately!

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